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Web forming technology
Web formation is accomplished through rotating forming drums. The high performance drums in todays forming heads offer maximum flexibility with regards to raw material choice and forming capacity.
In addition to using short pulp fibers, Dan-Web's forming heads are also able to process 100 % synthetic fibers at both high and low basis weights.

With more forming heads it is thus possible to make composites with different layers, for instance in multilayer composites where each layer is designed for a specific use, for instance liquid acquisition, distribution and storage layers.

The layers are all created and combined into a single product during web formation, and after bonding the finished product is wound into jumbo rolls. This eliminates the need for later lamination of different products.

Primary features of Dan-Web's forming process are:
  • few adjustable parts
  • lower energy consumption
  • fiber lengths up to 8 mm
  • easy to change drums for product changes
  • easy to change to other product types for instance colored products
  • low service costs
  • easy cleaning and maintenance
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