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In the defibrators the raw material, typically roll pulp, is opened into individual fibers.

The defibrators can handle all types of fluff pulp, ranging from soft fully treated to hard untreated pulp.

The defibrator design allows the use of other raw materials such as textiles, some airlaid materials and other types of fibrous materials.

The advantages of using Dan-Web's state-of-the-art defibrators are:
  • nit free defibration
  • lower energy consumption
  • low maintenance = high efficiency
  • low RPM = more durable
  • high tolerance hammers - fast change as no balancing is needed
  • prepared for usage of edge trim/recycled products
  • none or minimum fiber shortening
  • able to handle rolled pulp, baled pulp, sheeted pulp and tissue
Dan-Web's defibrators work at very high production speeds, and are easy to operate. After defibration, transport fans move the fibers from the defibrators to the down stream production process, such as airlaid web forming equipment, baby diaper core formers or other equipment that uses defibrated pulp fibers.

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