Your partner within the airlaid industry
          Airlaid Production Lines
Dan-Web's modular built and heavy duty construction airlaid lines, offer stability and flexibility in the production process, unmatched web speeds, and many applications for the finished products: 
Latex bonded airlaid (LBAL) 
Table cloths, napkins, wipes, wet wipes, industrial wipes, feminine hygiene products, and packaging material 
Thermal-bonded airlaid (TBAL) 
Core material for baby,diapers, feminine hygiene and incontinence products, meat pads and packaging material 
Multi-bonded airlaid (MBAL) 
A combination of LBAL and TBAL. Widely used for absorbent cores and different wipes. 
Hydrogen bonded airlaid or x-bonded airlaid (HBAL/XBAL)
Core material for baby diapers, feminine hygiene and incontinence products Airlaid. 
With new products being developed very fast, Dan-Web´s technology can easily be adapted to supply such markets.  
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