Your partner within the airlaid industry
Airlaid products are characterized by qualities such as high liquid absorption, softness, similarity to textile, and a tensile strength close to similar in both wet and dry condition. Such qualities are vital within i.e. the hygiene industry. 
The most common raw materials for airlaid production are 
  • wood pulp and/or cotton linters 
  • synthetic stable fibers 
  • bi-component stable fibers 
  • natural stable fibers 
  • other types of airborne fibers 
  • super absorbent fibers/granulates 
The above is the basic foundation of an airlaid product with characteristics such as high liquid absorption, soft, similar to textile and with almost the same tensile strength in both wet and dry condition. These qualities are unique in connection with hygiene products, industrial wipes, baby wipes and tissues, napkins, table cloths, etc. 
If desired, additives may be used to modify some of the characteristics, such as blood absorption, higher absorption, higher density etc. 
  • SAP (super absorbent polymer in granulate form). 
  • SAF (super absorbent polymer in fibre form). 
  • Mono component fibres such as PP – polyester – viscose etc.  
  • Odour granulates. 
  • Grass seeds – tobacco – leather – and other natural plant fibres or granulates. 
  • Finally you may also choose to laminate with e.g.: 
  • Plastic film (mono or bicomponents) PP/PE. 
  • Tissue. 
  • Nonwoven. 
  • Others. 
In recent years, alternative raw materials have emerged on the market as a consequence of the environmental considerations needed to keep a "green" profile. 
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